Cost Report

Florida DOE Cost Report

Rapid Solutions Group is proud to be supporting and contributing to the Florida Department of Education's (DOE) Cost Reporting system. Our team members were instrumental in developing the Cost Reporting System for the Florida DOE, and have continued to be an integral part of upgrading and supporting the system over the years.

We are proud to be the official tier 2 help desk of the Cost Reporting system. In addition we have been contracted by the Florida DOE to manage their technical help desk for Cost Reporting. We also maintain and distribute the changes to the Cost Report system from this site (see "Download Updates" for access to the latest updates).

Download Updates
Updates to the Cost Report system will be posted on this page.

Note: If you are one of our Cost Report SaaS customers you will not need to download any updates these updates are applied automatically.

Cost Report Services

We provide many additional services for the Cost Reporting system on top of the DOE sponsored help desk support. We provide on-site and off-site support services for districts that want to fully or partially offload the yearly Cost Report process. We also provide training and custom modifications to help tailor the Cost Report system for your district's needs.

Cost Report SaaS (Software as a Service)

If you don't want the additional work load of running, administrating and updating an internal instance of the Cost Report system then contact us about our Cost Report SaaS offering. Using our hosted solution your staff can simply sign on to our secure server and begin using the system, with the comfort of knowing that they will be using the official Cost Report system with all the current updates in place. Every year Florida School districts rely on our Cost Report SaaS offering to meet their Cost Reporting needs.